The Mausoleum

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Yong Ling is the royal Mausoleum of Wang Jian(died A.D.918), the ruler of the kingdom of the Former Shu which was founded toward the end of the Tang dynasty and survived into the period of the Five Dynasties. 

Built of oblong red sandstone, its tomb chamber is formed by a series of fourteen double vaults. The space between these vaults is covered by slabs of stone. The whole tomb is divided by three red wooden Gates into three chambers. 

The central chamber is the main chamber where the coffin is placed, the central chamber is more spacious, measuring about 12 meters in length, 6.1 meters in width and 6.4 meters in height. In the center of chamber is the platform for coffin covered with square pieces of jade-like stone which called min-jade. 

The central part of the platform contains on its south, east and west sides a total of twenty-four niches with carved figures of female musicians and dancers. The upper part of the platform base is decorated with designs of lotus petal, followed by a central frieze of flowering scrolls and a bottom member with designs of inverted lotus petals. 

The carved design is very rich and elaborate. On the east and west sides of the coffin platform are twelve half-length stone statues of warrior gods. Immediately behind the coffin platform stands a large red sandstone basin which holds a circular stone stand. Placed on the latter is a large brown-glazed pottery basin which holds two green-glazed pottery lamps. 

These were probably used to light up the central chamber. In the back chamber is seated a stone statue of Wang Jian on the carved stone stage.