The tour guide

The opening time of the museum: 8:30 -- 17:30 (open all year round, 17:00 stop selling ticket) 

Ticket price: 20 yuan /1 person

Half price ticket: 10 yuan/1person the valid certificates of the retired person,the disabled, the serviceman to Execute free of charge.

6 years old child (including 6 years of age) or the height of 1.3 meters (including 1.3 meters) the implementation of children free of charge; for more than 6 years of age (not including 6 years of age) 18 years of age (including 18 years of age) minors.

Full-time bachelor's degree and diploma students can buy half price ticket; students set body an appointment to visit by appointment only, free of charge.

The Chengdu City, "the elderly pass" can during the elderly golden week but half price ticket, the rest of the time free of charge; Sichuan Province holding the "elderly card" has not reached the age of 70 elderly people can buy half price; over 70 years old people can with ID card get the free tour.

Tour guide fee: 100yuan  for 1-10 visitors ; 150 yuan for 11-20visitors

200yuan for 20-30visitors. 

address: Chengdu, Jinniu District, Yong Ling Road 10,

phone number: 028, 87769665

bus routes: bus line 30, 42, 48, 54, 127, 341.



1 the tickets is for the tour and reimbursement,please in safe keeping.

2 if you have preferential ticket, shall show it at the entrance.

3 Smoking is forbidden within the area into cultural relics.

4 do not take pictures in the tomb.

5 do not bring pets in.

6 please keep quiet.

7 protect the cultural relics and public facilities.

9 do not carry the inflammable and explosive things and the dangerous tool into the museum. 

10 seventy years of age or older and minors must be accompanied by family members.

11 please park the bicycles at the  designated locations, do not ride it in the museum and the garden.