Statue of Wang Jian(王建石像简介) 

Toward the back of the back chamber is a stone platform. Its cornice is carved with designs of dragons playing with pearls. At the center of its front is a carved dragon design, flanked by a pair of carved lion-like beasts. On the beautiful stone platform is a seated red sandstone statue of Wang Jian measuring 0.86 meter in height. Although intended as a formal portrait, it is very lifelike and represents him in the costume commonly worn by the Tang emperors, namely, a type of hat called zhe shang jin, a red robe with belt and a pair of boots.

 The Jade Belt(玉大带)

A jade belt worn by Wang Jian was luckily survived the robbery. It is a leather belt with eight white jade carved blocks inlay. Each jade block was carved in magnificent dragon.

 The Jade Seal(谥宝)

Wang Jian’s seal is very special, because the seal was carved into a dragon body with a rabbit head. Rabbit is the symbolic animal of his birth year. Wang Jian may like his symbolic animal very much, or there may be another reason. On the bottom of the seal was carved in 14 Chinese Characters.


                                    Statue of Wang Jian


                                             The Jade Belt



                                            The Jade Seal